We live in an age dominated by logic, which informs all our institutions, from education to politics to science and religion. There is no equivalent culture for intuitive thinking.

And yet in spite of that, our most important decisions and judgements in life are intuitive. We decide on where we will live, how we will live and whom we will trust intuitively.

We are born with a degree of intuitive ability, but just as someone born with a musical ear can greatly improve that ability through practice and training, so too can we improve our natural intuitive ability through understanding, attention and training.

Nascent State Publishing was founded to promote the understanding and practice of intuitive thinking in society.

Jim Blackmann

Jim Blackmann was born in Liverpool. His family emigrated when he was very young and he grew up in Canada. He returned to train and work as an engineer in the North of England. He then set off on a period of travel until he finally settled in the South of England and began to write.

His long-standing interest in philosophy and psychology, both East and West, has influenced his thinking and writing. In addition to being an author, he is also a musician and songwriter, and he performs in and around the Southwest of England.

In 2012, he set up a series of tests to measure intuition. This led to a series of magazine articles, and then finally to the book The Intuition Test (2016). This was followed by Intuition in the West (2021), which is a history of the influence of the intuitive mind on Western culture. A romantic novel, The Witch & The Skeptic (2022) followed. In 2020, he set up the magazine Nascent State, to outline all aspects of intuitive thinking and its culture.