Intuition Workshops

Learn by Doing

We use intuition to make some of our most important decisions and judgements in life, but we do nothing about it. This means we can easily mistake self-certainty and raw emotion for intuition.

If we wait for a crisis before attending to our intuition it will be like waiting for a storm before learning how to swim. We need to practise it now so we feel confident when we come to use it.

The workshops employ exercises to help us to experience our intuitive mind directly. The more familiar we are with our intuition, the better we will become at hearing it when it speaks.

The workshops are designed to be inclusive; you can be from any religion or none, and from any background or culture. Intuition is part of human nature, and does not depend on background or outlook.

Each of the meetings will focus on a different aspect of intuition, including what helps and what hinders. If we are in a negative mood, for example, we will be unable to hear our intuitive mind.

Intuition Workshops are due to begin in Bath in 2024. The meetings will be held fortnightly on a Sunday afternoon. There will be no charge (at present).

If you would like more information about the workshops, please fill in the form field below and I will get back to you.

Jim Blackmann

    About me:

    I am an author and singer-songwriter. I have been writing about intuition for more than fifteen years. I have two books out on the subject – The Intuition Test (the direct experience of intuition) and Intuition in the West (a history of intuitive thinking). I also produce and edit Nascent State Magazine. I am presently working on a new book based on the application of intuitive thinking.

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