The Intuition Test

We all have an intuitive mind. But education ignores intuition in favour of logic. So we are taught to think logically at school, while intuition is regarded as a sort of refined instinct, and something we can do nothing about.

We can treat intuition in the same way we can treat any other ability, such as writing or drawing, by practising it and by taking every opportunity to use it. The more familiar we are with intuition, the more confident we will be about relying on it when the important decisions come along. And the bigger decisions in life are intuitive.

Do we trust someone or not? What career should we pursue? Should we walk away from a difficult relationship? What do we ultimately believe? These are intuitive decisions.

The Intuition Test adopts a direct approach to the study of intuition. The book will provide you with over thirty problems for which there is no right or wrong answer, and so force you to make an intuitive judgement. The approach taken is not one of logical argument or theory, but one of direct experience.

We use logic to scrutinise a contract, spot the mistakes in an argument and write coherent sentences. But we use intuition to understand people, to pick up on moods, to know when to speak or remain silent, and – most importantly – to decide what we are going to do with our life. If these things are important to you, The Intuition Test can help.

If we want to adopt a practical attitude to life, we need to become familiar with our intuition, to hear its voice when it speaks, and to know when and how to use it. The Intuition Test will provoke you to employ your intuition to make decisions and judgements. If you want to be more intuitive, this is the book for you.

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