The Witch & The Skeptic

The Witch and The Skeptic

Danny Butler’s natural ability for mathematics led him to win a scholarship to Oxford University. Student life led to a shared flat, student debts, and then a job in the IT department at Oxfordshire County Council to pay it off.

Ellie Hamilton, having studied mediaeval French at Balliol, was looking for something more in her life than just holding down a day job at Waterstones. For Ellie, a degree was as much about education as an excuse to get far enough away from her mother in Wytham Woods.

The Oxford Skeptics Group was a ragtag mixture of the bright, the lonely, the misfit, and the ‘not sure what else to do’ of ex-uni students in the city. Fortnightly meetings and regular attendees included Danny and Ellie, Tosh, Maddy, Tina, Alex, Dawson, and – for a while at least – Frank.

Danny was drawn to the group by his natural scepticism and by an enquiring mind, and he was drawn to Ellie because she was quietly beautiful and quietly thoughtful.

Both have a history they would prefer not to discuss with others in the group. Danny’s mother is an embarrassment, and Ellie’s mother is unmentionable. They are, of course, made for each other. They are also about to discover their coming together was no accident, and what they thought was the freedom to pursue post-student life in Oxford proves to be not quite as it seems.

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